Annamaria Cammilli before a jewelery designer is absolutely a unique character, an artist, a sculptor and a painter, but above all a Florentine. Florence cradle of art and beauty in the world, this is not just a detail for our group but the most important part of our DNA.
Cammilli was born in 1983, but the family has a tradition in jewelery dating back to 1871, a long history of five generations. Annamaria was already a successful young painter when she met her future husband. You will enter the jewelery world with your wedding. At the end of the seventies he chose to use his innate creativity even in the field of jewelery and decides to use his name to present his creations on the market, from there a long journey and satisfaction.

Annamaria is the founder of the maison and current president, still has a decisive role in the company, is always in the front line to give the initial input to the collections, maybe that is the detail that distinguishes the company ... we have a touch of ' An artist that few can boast, an obvious detail and represents a real added value.

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