chantecler bologna jewellery

The past

The extraordinary intuition of Pietro Capuano and Salvatore Aprea was to consider "Capri as the origin of everything", as Gabriele Aprea confirms.
Linking a jewel to a place, when marketing did not exist yet, was a far-sighted and strategic vision. Capuano and Aprea managed to transfer to their jewelry those characters of elegance, eccentricity and uniqueness that characterize the Isola Azzurra and make it one of the most popular destinations of international flâneurs.
To the peculiarities of the "Capri character", Chantecler adds a very innovative jewel idea for the era: precious in the materials, without so giving up the joy and femininity of the ornament.

The present

Today Chantecler retains the flexibility and obsessive attention to the product that are inherent to the Italian family business. To this vision, Gabriel, Maria Elena and Costanza Aprea have

added the international network of luxury companies with the opening of new markets through a global retail strategy. The first boutique was opened in Capri in 1947, to which was then added Cortina, the pearl of the Dolomites, in 1994, Milan in 2003, Tokyo in 2007, Astana in Kazakhstan, in 2012 and Hong Kong in 2013. La Campanella has become international and whilst the product offer is segmented into collections ranging from fine jewellery to prêt à porter, an international retail network allows the company to reach an increasingly large number of customers. The spirit of Capri is spread throughout the world, reflected in the glow of the Chantecler jewellery.

The future

Made in Italy is the most recognised brand in the world and Chantecler jewellery is one of the best expressions of the "beautiful and well made" Italian style.

The challenge for the future is to keep the same aesthetic quality and craftsmanship of the product, its identity and recognition, while catering to the needs of international customers in terms of services and retail.The objective is represented by a "controlled growth" that allows the model of the Italian family business - winning in size and production terms - to be combined with global luxury distribution and communication processes, in order to preserve the DNA of the company, its "Capri" philosophy and, above all, the heritage of relationships that has distinguished Chantecler since its inception..

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