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Ferdinando Veronesi, goldsmith, son of the goldsmith Raffaele Veronesi, started the business on May 16, 1893, feast of St. Ubaldo, in via Orefici, in Bologna.

It took over the existing company known as "all'Insegna del Moro" and adopted a particular sign , according to the custom of the time, so that different activities were distinguishable even by those who could not read.

From 1893 to 1900 it also ran another goldsmiths shop "all'insegna della Botte"

After a short period during which the shop moved under the portico of the Palazzo del Podesta, next to the then "Banco Cavazza", on 15 April, 1922, Holy Saturday, the current headquarters was inaugurated in Piazza Maggiore (formerly Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II ), on the corner of via Clavature (formerly via Piave), with access and windows under the portico (Logge del Pavaglione) of “Palazzo de' Banchi”. This palace is attributed to the great architect Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola, the celebrated author of the book“Cinque ordini architettonici”. It is an exceptionally beautiful location on the Southeast corner of Piazza Maggiore, one of the most beautiful piazzas in Italy.

The view from this corner is lovely: you can see the façade of the monumental Basilica of San Petronio with its no less monumental staircase of 9 steps, the Palazzo dei Notai, the town hall with its clock tower in front of the shop and the Palazzo del Podesta from which the dell'Arengo tower rises up.

The majestic shop was the subject of monumental renovation work performed to perfection by an artist, skilled in masonry, the master builder Alfonso Baldi.

Meanwhile the sons of Ferdinand joined the company thus creating the company Ferdinando Veronesi e Figli.

In 1932 Ferdinando Veronesi e Figli was the first company in Emilia Romagna to market Rolex watches. At that time, the Company from Geneva started expanding in Italy thanks to the elegance of its wristwatches, the technical innovation of its waterproof wristwatches (1926) and automatic watches (1931), the marketing skill of its founder Hans Wilsdorf and promotion work of its dealers.

In the early thirties it is opened a branch at No. 1 Via Rizzoli.
In 1936,  the King granted "Ferdinando Veronesi e Figli" the privilege of affixing the royal coat of arms on its shop signs.

A few years later, in 1939, Ferdinando Veronesi e Figli was granted the dealership for Patek Philippe of Geneva watches, just when the prestigious manufacturer was celebrating its 100th anniversary.

The jewellers then had to deal with mishaps related to the war and the consequences that this entailed: in 1946 Arrigo was killed in a robbery carried out by two Polish deserters disguised as officers. He left a son, born posthumously, named Arrigo in honour of his father.

Soon after, Charles, the son of Torquato, was invited to join the company, thus continuing the tradition, and he was helped later by the young cousin Arrigo - called Ninni- who joined the company when he became an adult, remaining there until 1985.

In their turn Mark and Paul, the sons of Charles, also followed in their father's footsteps taking care of the family company.

And in fact, today, Ferdinando Veronesi e Figli continues to be a luxury jewellers in Bologna under the wise guidance of the great-grandchildren, Mark and Paul, & with elegance and good taste being the order of the day and the historical shop windows displaying the best brands of watches and jewellery. The shop boasts a loyal clientele composed mostly of the great families from Bologna, who rely on it for special occasions.



Orologio patek 75' anniversario

Per festeggiare i settantacinque anni di collaborazione della Patek Philippe con la Ferdinando Veronesi & Figli,
Patek Philippe ha prodotto per i Sig.ri Paolo e Marco Veronesi un cronocrafo in oro bianco, in esemplare unico,
con il numero 75 evidenziato in rosso sul quadrante nella scala pulsometrica.

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