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Patek Philippe:
Geneva's oldest independent family owned manufacturer


For 175 years without interruption, Patek Philippe carries on the traditional art of Geneva watch. The latest independent family-run Geneva family benefits from a total creative autonomy that allows them to design, develop and fabricate the watches themselves, according to the vision of the founders Antoine Norbert de Patek (1839) and Adrien Philippe (1845). All the specialists are agreed to consider the best in the world. Having an outstanding savoir-faire, Patek Philippe cultivates a tradition of innovation crowned by an impressive repertoire of over 80 invention patents.

The values

Independence, tradition, innovation, quality and craftsmanship, rarity, intrinsic value, aesthetics, spirit of service, emotional burden and respect for the past are the fundamental values ​​of manufacturing. Patek Philippe has always aimed at perfection by creating watches of unrivaled quality and reliability, whose unique and exclusive character makes them rare and precious pieces, a unique heritage destined to be transmitted from one generation to the next. To achieve these results, manufacturing focuses on innovation in cutting-edge materials and new technologies - while preserving the tradition of the ancestral clock savoir-faire - and on stringent quality and control criteria and above standards.

A vision for the future

In the hands of the Stern family since 1932, the company is currently headed by a Directory composed of Honorary President Philippe Stern, Chairman Thierry Stern and General Manager Claude Peny.
During his presidency, Philippe Stern left a mark in manufacturing history with his great real estate achievements to strengthen the company's industrial structure and consolidate the independence, with the creation of the Patek Philippe Museum and the launch of exceptional pieces such as Caliber 89. Appointed President in 2009, Thierry Stern aims to keep Patek Philippe at the top of the watch technology and material performance research, helping to continuously improve the long-term quality and reliability of its timepiece.

The Patek Philippe Seal

In 2009, Patek Philippe launched its new quality brand for mechanical watches. The Seal Patek Philippe attests the supreme quality of its timepiece, far beyond official standards, and includes the savoir-faire and the distinctive signs associated with their manufacture, precision and maintenance. The Seal Patek Philippe covers the watch in its entirety, and is the only one to understand the service throughout the life of the product whatever the date of its manufacture. It is subject to precise regulation and independent oversight instances. The Seal Patek Philippe sums up all the qualities and requirements of the manufacturing quality and the Stern Master are the main guarantors.

The company today

Patek Philippe SA includes the Manufacturer, in the Plan-les-Ouates complex, with the management and the head office, research activities into new technologies, the development of new mechanisms, the design and creative departments, the component and movement manufacturing workshops and all the watchmaking activities from concept to delivery, including after-sales service and restoration; the clothing manufacturing laboratories in Perly; the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva and its showrooms in Geneva, Paris and London. Patek Philippe also owns eight associated companies outside the Canton of Geneva Calame (crates factory), Poli-Art (polishing), SHG (embedding) and Patek Philippe Sa La Chaux-de-Fonds in La Chaux-de-Fonds; Quadranti Fluckiger in Saint-Imier, Allaine (collection of movements) in Alle, Betakron (finishing and decoration of steel components) in the Jura and Patek Philippe La Vallee SA (Fine Watchmaking and Repairs) in Brassus.

The Patek Philippe Museum

The legendary passion of Philippe Stern for exceptional timepieces brought together in Geneva an extraordinary collection of nearly 2,000 watches, automata and miniatures from the sixteenth century to the present, with a library that includes more than 8000 works dedicated to the art of watchmaking. This museum, unique of its kind, opened its doors in Geneva in November 2001.

The Current Collection

Beyond fashion timepiece with round case. The classic par excellence since 1932.

Nautilus : More than 35 years of success for this famous underwater case shaped in porthole, launched in 1976.

Aquanaut: Created in 1997, with a modern design dedicated to sport and casual elegance

Ellipse d'Or: His elliptical design, launched in 1968, is based on the ancient Golden Rule, or "divine proportions".

Gondolo Twenty ~ 4®: Since 1993, these rectangular or barrel watches have been inspired by the Art Deco era. Launched in 1999, the first woman's wristwatch in steel inset with diamonds, beyond fashion, elegant feminine flagship model.

                                                                                    The Complications - the great skill of watchmaking

Major complications: perpetual calendar (with moon phases), perpetual calendar with retrograde date, astronomical calendar, instantaneous perpetual calendar in windows with tourbillon and minute repeater, instantaneous perpetual calendar in windows with chronograph and minute repeater, small and large ringing, minute repeater, chronographs and "split second" chronographs and perpetual calendar, chronograph with automatic annual calendar, tourbillon chronometer with a 10-day power reserve, triple and major complications, sidereal time, equation of time, map of the starry sky.

Complications: annual calendar, dual time zones, multiple time zones (World Time), indication of the power reserve, 10-day power reserve, regulator type dial.

Watch Art: skeletonised watches, pocket watches with enamelled or engraved case, Dome clocks in "cloisonné" enamel, Dome clock in engraved Baccarat crystal.

Fine jewellers / goldsmiths: prestige clocks and watches, timepiece holders and unique pieces of fine jewellery. Jewellery and accessories adorned with diamonds or precious stones.

Exceptional timepiece

Caliber 89 :  To celebrate the new millennium, this pocket watch combines the most fascinating complications (21 complications, 1,118 components, 8 years of research / development and production, six new unpublished patents).

Star Caliber 2000: To celebrate the new millennium, this pocket watch brings together the most fascinating complications (21 complications, 1118 components, 8 years of research / development and production, 6 new unpublished patents).

Sky Moon Tourbillon: created in 2001, is the most complicated wristwatch of the collection, with the "double face" (front: mean solar time, retrograde perpetual calendar, back: sidereal time and celestial chart) dial indicating the rarest complications (12 complications and 686 components).

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