Arezzo, March 15, 1926: the history of gold merges with that of Carlo Zucchi and Leopoldo Gori, the two "founding fathers" of the first jewellery company in the city. April 2, 1935 they receive the first brand of the province which, in full, will coincide with the company name: UNOAERRE (1AR).

A long tradition of gold work has consolidated a company that was founded as pure as gold.

In the following years, several generations of goldsmiths, technicians, teachers, and artists have built and developed a company in the field that is still unique in the world today.

There is practically no country in the world where a UNOAERRE gem cannot be found and perhaps there is no business in the industry that does not know Gori & Zucchi.

For over 80 years UNOAERRE has been known in the jewellery market as "the trusted goldsmith company" and this has enabled it to become one of the major companies in the world and to pursue its goals and development philosophy, joining the Responsible Jewellery Council and adhering to the high ethical principles promoted by this international association.

The company now boasts a distribution network in over 40 countries worldwide and direct operations in France and Japan. In Italy, a country where it is the leading brand in the wedding rings market (over 70%), more than 4,000 sales outlets are also supported by a network of around 100 distributors.

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